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Main article: Super-Resolution microscopy
Example of super-resolution microscopy. Image of and , target of the breast cancer drug Trastuzumab , within a cancer cell.

A multitude of super-resolution microscopy techniques have been developed in recent times which circumvent the diffraction barrier.

This is mostly achieved by imaging a sufficiently static sample multiple times and either modifying the excitation light or observing stochastic changes in the image. The deconvolution methods described in the previous section, which removes the PSF induced blur and assigns a mathematically 'correct' origin of light, are used, albeit with slightly different understanding of what the value of a pixel mean. Assuming most of the time , one single fluorophore contributes to one single blob on one single taken image, the blobs in the images can be replaced with their calculated position, vastly improving resolution to well below the diffraction limit.

To realize such assumption, Knowledge of and chemical control over fluorophore photophysics is at the core of these techniques, by which resolutions of ~20 nanometers are regularly obtained. [21] [22]

Main article: Serial time-encoded amplified microscopy

Serial time encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM) is an imaging method that provides ultrafast shutter speed and frame rate, by using optical image amplification to circumvent the fundamental trade-off between sensitivity and speed, and a single-pixel photodetector to eliminate the need for a detector array and readout time limitations [23] The method is at least 1000 times faster than the state-of-the-art and cameras. Consequently, it is potentially useful for a broad range of scientific, industrial, and biomedical applications that require high image acquisition rates, including real-time diagnosis and evaluation of shockwaves, microfluidics , , and laser surgery . [ citation needed ]

Most modern instruments provide simple solutions for micro-photography and image recording electronically. However such capabilities are not always present and the more experienced microscopist will, in many cases, still prefer a hand drawn image to a photograph. This is because a microscopist with knowledge of the subject can accurately convert a three-dimensional image into a precise two-dimensional drawing. In a photograph or other image capture system however, only one thin plane is ever in good focus.

The creation of careful and accurate micrographs requires a microscopical technique using a monocular eyepiece. It is essential that both eyes are open and that the eye that is not observing down the microscope is instead concentrated on a sheet of paper on the bench besides the microscope. With practice, and without moving the head or eyes, it is possible to accurately record the observed details by tracing round the observed shapes by simultaneously "seeing" the pencil point in the microscopical image.

White-glove case routing

Management business reviews

For more detailed information about features and pricing for each support plan, see AWS Support and Clearance Low Price Latest nice design women running sport shoes easy to walk women walking shoes From China Cheap Price With Credit Card Sale Online Sast V6vxlbUzA
. Some features, such as around-the-clock phone and chat support, are not available in all languages.

You can sign in to the Support Center at by using the email address and password associated with your AWS account. To log in with other credentials, see Accessing AWS Support .

There are three types of cases you can open:

cases are available to all AWS customers. This case type connects you to customer service for help with billing and account-related questions.

requests are also available to all AWS customers. For information on the default service limits, see .

cases connect you to technical support for help with service-related technical issues and, in some cases, third-party applications. If you have a Developer support plan, you can communicate via the web. If you have a Business or Enterprise support plan, you can also communicate by phone or live chat.

To open a Support case:

In , click the button.

Here is an example of a Technical Support case (shown in two parts for readability). The lists that follow the form example explain some of your options and best practices.

Contact Information . In the CC box, enter the email addresses of people to be notified when the status of the case changes. If you are signed in as an IAM user, include your own email address. If you are signed in with your email address and password, you don't need to include your email address in the CC box.


If you have the Basic support plan, the box is not available. However, the contact specified in the section of the Factory OEM high quality basketball shoes for mens Clearance Pay With Paypal AkrfNo
page receives copies of the case correspondence.

Regarding . Select the type of case you want to create. In this example, we select Technical Support .


If you have the Basic support plan, you cannot create a technical support case.

Service . If your question affects multiple services, choose the service that is most applicable. In this case, we select Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2 - Linux) .

Category . Choose the most appropriate category. In this case, we’re having trouble connecting to an instance, so we choose Instance Issue . When you select a category, links to information that might help to resolve your problem appear below the Category selection.

Based on your category choice, contextual text boxes often prompt for additional information. In this case, we’re prompted to provide Instance ID(s) . In general, it’s a good idea to provide resource IDs even when not prompted.

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Java API

This page contains examples of using the Confluence Content REST API using. The responses are piped into( JSON encoder / decoder ) to make them easier to read.

Because the REST API is based on open standards, you can use any web development language to access the API.

Finding content

This example finds blog posts to display in a blog roll with labels.

Example result:

This example shows how you can browse content.

This example shows how you can read content of a page with the body expanded .

This example shows how you can find a page by space key and title with history expanded to find the creator.

Example result :

This example shows how you can create a new page with content in a specific space.

This example shows how you can create a new page, with content, as a child of another page with ID 456

This example shows how you can update the content of an existing page.

This example shows how you can delete a page by content ID.

Expect a HTTP/1.1 204 No Content response after a successful deletion.

This example shows how you can upload an attachment to a specific page (where 3604482 is the content ID), and add a comment.

This example shows how you can download an attachment from a specific page (where 1998856 is the content ID).

The download link is inside output:

This Python example shows how you can add a comment to a page. First, the page for commenting is fetched from API by title, and then used as the container of the comment.

This examples is similar to creating a page but you need to use the following JSON body, see Confluence Storage Format documenation for other storage format markup that you can use.

This example shows how you can create a new space.

This example shows how to convert storage format to view format.

This example shows how to convert wiki markup to storage format.

This example also shows how to convert storage format to view format, but this time using an existing piece of content for the conversion context. Some macros require a page context when they are executed. I’m using the space attachments macro. To determine what attachments to show on the page, this macro uses the space that the page is in.

targetElement is the the element name in the target application schema. This is the same as the WFS feature type name.

isDenormalised is an optional tag (default true) to indicate whether this type contains denormalised data or not. If data is not denormalised, then app-schema will build a more efficient query to apply the global feature limit. When combined with a low global feature limit (via Services –> WFS ), setting this option to false can prevent unnecessary processing and database lookups from taking place.

defaultGeometry can be used to explicitly define the attribute of the feature type that should be used as the default geometry, this is more relevant in WMS than WFS. The default geometry XML path can reference any attribute of the feature type, exactly the same path that would be used to reference the desired property in a OGC filter. The path can reference a nested attribute belonging to a chained feature having a zero or one relationship with the root feature type.

attributeMappings comprises a list of AttributeMapping elements:

targetAttribute is the XPath to the output element, in the context of the target element. For example, if the containing mapping is for a feature, you should be able to map a gml:name property by setting the target attribute:

Multivalued attributes resulting from Denormalised sources are automatically encoded. If you wish to encode multivalued attributes from different input columns as a specific instance of an attribute, you can use a (one-based) index. For example, you can set the third gml:name with:

The reserved name FEATURE_LINK is used to map data that is not encoded in XML but is required for use in Feature Chaining .

A CQL expression that is used to set the custom gml:id of the output feature type. This should be the name of a database column on its own. Using functions would cause an exception because it is not supported with the default joining implementation.


Every feature must have a . This requirement is an implementation limitation (strictly, is optional in GML).


must be an Air cushion casual shoes for women Sale Wiki Cheap Sale Get Authentic Shop For Free Shipping Pick A Best Exclusive Cheap Price C0lRnG

Use a sourceExpression tag to set the element content from source data. For example, to set the element content from a column called DESCRIPTION :

If sourceExpression is not present, the generated element is empty (unless set by another mapping).

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